Building and Structural Engineering

Building Engineering:
C&V Engineering Pte Ltd and C&V Consultants offers structural design for all Construction projects viz. Residential buildings, Commercial buildings and Industrial buildings. C&V Engineering Pte Ltd also has technical expertise in the field of Structural Design for Conservation projects (especially shophouses) where we work as Structural Engineers and work as a part of the Architect firm’s team. We work with architects, sub-contractors and with all parties to find cost-effective solutions to the project.

Civil and Infrastructure Engineering:
The company has done numerous projects including road expansion and construction of roadside drains and Sewers for Public Utility Board - in and around Singapore. One of the most notable project which we have been part of is the Extension project for Tuas, Phase 2 where C&V Engineering Pte Ltd was the Main consultant responsible for the Extension project and its delivery.

Structural Engineering:
Regardless of the type of project we are dealing with, C&V Engineering makes sure that the structural aspect of the work is up to date with standards and innovation in the industry. We take into consideration all of the client’s requirements and demands and we deliver a project that suits the community and adheres to standards.

Our design engineers use the latest computer software to solve complex structural issues and derive cost-effective designs in line with the latest industry standards. We also work other Architect’s and M&E Engineers so as to achieve maximum output within a given period of time for a project where necessary.

We also use various geotechnical softwares for design and analysis of Temporary Shoring structures and Slope stability. C&V Engineering Pte Ltd has also been part of many projects that involve a PE - Geo for design of under-ground structures limited to Buildings.

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