Quality and Safety – Policy and Objectives

Quality, Health & Safety Policy:
  • We shall always provide building and engineering designs and site supervision service that meet client’s requirements and expectations.
  • We shall always design in such a way that the design satisfy the statutory regulations and design codes of practice.
  • As a part of our effort to continually improve our service, we shall look for more cost-effective ways to erect buildings and civil engineering works, by utilizing known innovations and new materials, in their designs.
  • Identifying, reducing and eliminating hazards, unsafe conditions and risks of all types of work activities that are performed in our workplaces.
  • Providing safe work procedures and instructions to all our employees and training all our personnel in our workplaces in these safe work practices and procedures.
  • Enforcing company safety and health rules and ensuring all our employees follow these rules at all times.
  • Providing financial and human resources, wherever they are needed to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.
  • Complying with the Workplace Safety and Health legal legislation, Code of Practices and safety standards at all times.
  • Committed to manage and respond to terror threats for all our workplace and worksite in the organization.
  • Continuing improvements to our quality, safety and health management system to equal or exceed the best practices in our industry.
Quality Objectives:
  • The total number of structural written directions over the total number of projects should be less than 25%.
  • Agreed target for delivery of complete drawings shall be met. The percentage of failure over total projects should be less than 10%.

Health & Safety Objective:
  • To achieve ZERO accident at workplace at all times.

ISO and OHSAS Accreditation:

Core Team Members

Er. Vashdev A Khialani

Managing Director (Professional Engineer and QP)

A Professional Engineer, QP, RI (Archi) and an able Engineer who has seen, survived and grown through the Construction industry in the country for more than 37 years.

Mr. Koh Kheng Cheong

Senior Technicial

A Senior technician and an excellent draftsman associated with the construction industry in Singapore for the last 22 years. Having started his career as a draftsman, he has been involved with many projects in Singapore at different levels. An able architect who also knows the technical nuances of the industry with the technical knowledge on the different requirements for submission to technical authorities in Singapore.

Mr. S.N. Varun

Design Engineer – Civil and Structural

A Master of Science in Civil Engineering graduate from the National University of Singapore who has a good knowledge in the field of Engineering design. An Engineer who believes in logic and understanding before designing any member for structural adequacy. A registered Resident Engineer (C&S) with the Institute of Engineers, Singapore.

Ms. Jess Yeap

Admin Executive

An admin executive associated with the organization for more than 20 years, responsible for billing and claims.

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